"STOCKIST'S VOICE" introduces stores that carry DCWHITE.

As the first step, we would like to introduce Freeport , who has been indebted to us more than usual.

Also, there is an interview with Mr. Fujishima, the store manager, so please enjoy it until the end.

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Business hours 12:00~20:00

Regular holiday Tuesday

Location 6-2-10 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005

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Below is an interview with the store manager, Mr. Fujishima.

Fuji : Mr. Fujishima

S : Stay or Go Staff

Please tell us about the concept of S Freeport.

FujiThe concept is to mix and play with the work style and euro sensibility that fashion lovers should not miss, within our own standards, centering on American Trad and Ivy.

Thank you S. Then, what kind of standards do you set for selecting products in that concept?

FujiFirst of all, there is Freeport's standard of a style that doesn't look out of place no matter where an adult wears it.

Personally, the value of the item itself, of course, is more important than what the brand has in mind when creating it . Especially when it comes to Japanese brands.

For example, I think that a brand with a strong world view, such as the style of the brand that you propose, saying, "This item must be worn like this!!" I like brands that give me a margin.

That's why I feel like I'm picking and choosing brands that have a solid concept to propose as a brand, but also suggest items that look different depending on the store and the person who wears them, even though they're the same item.

SI see, thank you. So, is that the reason why you chose DCWHITE?

FujiStrictly speaking, my relationship with Mr. Naganuma (currently the owner of CITRON) was my predecessor, so the relationship did not start with me.

Originally, Mr. Ishihara (director of DCWHITE) has had absolute trust in Mr. Ishihara himself since the days of the brands such as Candidium and arbre, which were used before DCWHITE, so I would like to continue to see the items Mr. Ishihara makes. I think that is the reason why we are doing business with you.

I feel happy that the brand DCWHITE, which was finally rebranded and started, is also placed in our store.

S Thank you for your kind words! Then, could you tell us which DCWHITE items Freeport-san and Fujishima-san recommend?

Fujima : I also really like the “Kyoku no Kon Blazer” ( WEST POINT OFFICER BLAZER ), and I hope many people will wear it for a long time.

However, the navy blue blazer is a well-received item by everyone and I don't think it needs any explanation, so from a personal point of view, I like the CLASSIC RUGGER shirt.

Mr. Ishihara is a former rugby player. It is a favorite item including such a background.

I also like the fact that the collar is made in the English style, as I can feel Mr. Ishihara's unique sense of style. This is related to the first question, but I feel that the creations that reflect the scent of the people in the brand make me want to put them in the store.

*There are two main types of collars for rugby shirts, which are divided into "England style" and "New Zealand style".

Also pants made from Olmetex material ( OLMETEX TROUSERS ). That's an item that Freeport customers appreciate very much. I would like to continue making pants that have a wide range of scenes that can be used from business to private, and that have an elegant atmosphere that can be worn by anyone.

Thank you S. In the previous question, you asked for recommendations limited to DCWHITE, but I would like to ask if there are any other items that Freeport recommends.

Our DCWHITE items, which give off a sense of wisteria tailoring and trad, are of course well received by our customers, but we have successfully created items that have an "earthly" feel, such as so-called American casual and work that have conflicting elements, and the American scent that we think of. Brands like WORKERS that incorporate them are also very popular.

S WORKERS' items are wonderful, aren't they? I personally was very worried about the linen setup. thank you.

Next question. Can Freeport's customers tell us what impressions they have of DCWHITE?

Fujiuchi originally had a style of ivy and trad, so there are many impressions of DCWHITE now as " a brand that is sincerely made in Japan based on ivy and trad ". it might be.

Also, at Freeport, Mr. Ishihara holds custom-made suit orders and a jacket fitting fair, so I think there are many customers who think of Mr. Ishihara before the brand.

Thank you S. Next is a question that I would like to ask because it is Freeport who has a store in Ueno. What is the appeal of Ueno?

Fujiueno 's favorite part is definitely "people". Every store in Ueno has the same people no matter when you go (laughs), and even if you're a local, even if you're visiting for the first time, you'll feel like you're in the local area. I feel that it is a city that helps me. The depth of the bosom that accepts people, or the warmth. I think that kind of thing is unique to this city.

Thank you S. I feel like I can understand it somehow (laughs). Lastly, do you have any message from Mr. Fujishima?

Fuji (loudly) Thank you TEETH! I'm sorry, I'm sorry (laughs). "TEETH" is my charm point "front tooth". This year, I'm going to put my feelings and my front teeth on the front. Thank you TEETH! This is my motto for the year.

This part was completely cut (laughs).

*From S I have used it.

Well, one word properly. Anyway, I would like to work hard to create a place where people can enjoy themselves so that they can say, "I'm glad I came to Freeport ."

We hope that neither those who have patronized us in the past nor those who will come to us in the future will regret it. That's all.

Thank you S !

What did you think.

Freeport operates in Ueno.

If you are interested, please visit once. Mr. Fujishima is also a very nice person, so I think it's a place that you can definitely enjoy even if it's your first time.

Also, Mr. Fujishima's blog, which is updated every day, is very interesting, so I recommend that you check it out as well.

→ " Everyday Life in Freeport "

[Store details]


Business hours 12:00~20:00

Regular holiday Tuesday

Location 6-2-10 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005

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