“For men in their 30s, if work clothes on weekdays are the first (most important), casual clothes on holidays are the second (second). “2nd” has the concept of “a familiar and real adult fashion magazine that collects clothes that you can talk about, proposing such a holiday style”.

This time, DCWHITE and 2nd made a completely bespoke item. Here is the finished product.

Madras Anorak Parka ¥22,800

"History of the Anorak"

First, let's check the history.

Anorak was born in Alaska. It has its roots in winter clothing made by the Inuit (formerly known as Eskimos).

The skins of seals and deer are stripped of their flesh and processed into clothing materials using a unique tanning method in which women carefully chew the skins. I was making a parka.

That's no wonder, Alaska has almost no plants that grow naturally from its frigid environment, and clothing materials were made from hunted animals.

Due to its high cold resistance and airtightness, it began to be used as military clothing later.
Air Force pilots and shipboard deck crews who require cold protection, and poison gas factory workers who require airtightness have begun to make uniforms at various sites.

It is common for clothing adopted as military clothing to spread to civilians after the end of the war, such as the M65 jacket and chinos.

Similarly, after the anorak parka was adopted as military uniform, it became simpler and began to spread to the general public.

Here is the appearance of the ivy style that is connected to the root of DCWHITE.

The anorak parka, which began to spread to the general public, was also sold as sportswear / rainwear at university co-ops at the time. For this reason, the anorak parka is still counted as a staple item of ivy style.


This is a long introduction, but...

The mind that became the base of the item produced this time is "cheap chic".
The word is derived from the famous book "Cheap Chic" produced by American female journalist Catherine Milinea / Carol Troy in 1975.

"Cheap Chic" has a spirituality that leads to modern American casual / American trad, such as an Oxford BD shirt, Levi's denim, and topsider deck shoes. had been presented.

Based on this idea, we created an anorak parka that can be worn by adults by mixing the seemingly contradictory keywords of "playfulness" and "elegance" in an appropriate manner.

Antique gold-plated zippers are used instead of cheap vintage aluminum zippers.
It is a full-fledged construction that makes you feel a solid feeling even when you move the zipper up and down.

The part where the pattern overlaps is pattern matching. Exudes understated elegance.

It also has a front pocket that is often seen in vintage items.
The button that fastens the flap is also a design accent.

The highly practical side pockets are details that are rarely seen in vintage items.
Under the DCWHITE signature of "expressing ivy style in a modern way", we have realized ivy wear that can be worn now.
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