"D.C.Sack Suits"

"DCSack Suits"

The sack suit is a staple of American traditional fashion.
For the 2024 Spring/Summer collection, while following that history, we have made adjustments so that it does not look like a cosplay, creating a sack suit that has a relaxing feel and is real wear for adults.

Sack suits in the history of American fashion

Its origin comes from a cutting technique called " sack cut " invented in France.

At the time, the back part of jackets such as coats was usually constructed using four parts, but the sack cut used only two parts.

This creates a loose silhouette that fits a wider range of people.

A man wears a sack coat with a sack cut. You can tell from the weak waist shape and wide armholes that it has a loose silhouette.

In addition, this method, which goes well with ready-made products, quickly spread to the United States, and one company that caught the eye of this method was Ametora Maison, a well-known and well-known company.

The company's unique interpretation of the casual sack suit, with its unpadded natural shoulders, soft front tailoring, and center vent at the back, was a huge commercial success.

In other words, the sack suit in the history of American traditional fashion was a symbol of the establishment of a uniquely American dress style , taking a step away from the aesthetic sensibilities emphasized by European tailoring, which was the mainstream of dresswear at the time. It is.

Men wearing sack suits. In particular, the silhouette of the jacket worn by the man in the center does not differ much from the modern silhouette, indicating that the prototype of the suit was complete at the time.

DCSack Suits

The sack suit has such a historical background, but DCWHITE has focused on the sack suit, which has undergone a unique evolution in the American traditional fashion world, and has added brand-like updates and commercialized it for spring and summer.




Two types of materials are used: Japanese-made seersucker and poplin. Both materials are extremely lightweight, making them stress-free even when worn in the summer.

Most sampling sources for modern American casual wear come from the era of mass production and ready-made products made possible by the American Industrial Revolution.

For DCSack Suits, we purposely emphasize the boxy and fluffy silhouette to bring out the appeal of ready-made products, while also coexisting with the natural shoulder line and three-dimensional V zone that should be ensured at the minimum as a tailored item. We have created a sack suit that can be worn as relaxing wear.

The buffalo button is an accent that stands out among the light fabric.

The pants have a wide straight silhouette.
The heavy antique gold cinch back gives it a classic impression.

Of course, the jacket and pants can also be worn alone. It creates a completely different look when worn as a suit and when worn alone.

Pair with a chambray shirt, knit tie, and coin loafers. It can be used for truly American traditional styling.

The pants have a wide and straight silhouette, giving them a classic look and a comfortable feel for summer wear.

The theme of DCWHITE '24SS is " COOL IVY ", and COOL is not only cool as a style, but also has functionality that can be worn even in the summer.

It's a trend in an era where dress codes are becoming more relaxed, but I think it's good to style a traditional American suit with a tied-up look once in a while.

*Wearing size: 48 / Height: 182cm / Weight: 78kg

In addition to the orthodox American traditional styling mentioned above, we also suggest pairing it with vintage tees that mix with American casual, giving a more pop-cheap chic feel.

Enjoy the ivy style more easily without straining your shoulders and elbows.

*Wearing size: 48 / Height: 174cm / Weight: 82kg

The relaxed silhouette is versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations.
The poplin material has a slightly subdued luster, giving it an updated look from the traditional sack suit image.
*Wearing size: 48 / Height: 182cm / Weight: 78kg
Navy can be worn easily even in summer business situations.
*Wearing size: 48 / Height: 174cm / Weight: 73kg
Although this item has the name "suit," it is not something you would wear only for formal occasions like a suit, but it is designed to be worn as a set-up that you can easily pick up on holidays. Masu.
Please consider this opportunity.
D.C.Sack Suits

DCSack Suits


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