"The KHAKI" 23SS Ultimate Collection

"The KHAKI" 23SS Ultimate Collection

Each season, we focus on one item, from materials, sewing, specifications to historical background. DCWHITE's high-end line "Ultimate Collection", which presents wear that sticks to all of them.

Here is what was announced at the Spring/Summer 2023 Ultimate Collection. "The KHAKI" series.

182cm 78kg wearing size 48

The roll of the lapel, the natural shoulder line from the neckline that sticks to the neck and the shoulder line, while maintaining the aesthetic sense of tailoring, there are work tastes such as cotton puckering and flap pockets.

Tailoring x work taste. The conflicting elements are mixed with a DCWHITE-like sense.

If you take off the overall rounded jacket, the waistline tightened by the cinch back emphasizes the masculine silhouette.

You can change the expression according to various moods.

The Ultimate Collection comes with an original patch inside inspired by the Age of Discovery.

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"The KHAKI" Cotton Chino Cross 3 Piece

Below are comments from the planners.


Cotton twill fabric is often called chino cloth, but I was skeptical about calling anything chino cloth.

What the heck is a chino cloth? What kind of specs is real chino cloth?

This project "The KHAKI" started from the point of delving into it and creating a setup worthy of being called a real chino cloth.

The definition of chino cloth is 2/1 or 3/1 twill fabric woven with single yarns of 20 or less for both warp and weft. We were able to obtain real chino cloth gray fabric (fabric before dyeing) that meets this standard.

What color should it be dyed?

We thought that by tracing the history of chino pants, we might be able to find a hint of color.

Many people know the etymology of chino pants, but I will write down the history of its birth here to reconfirm myself.

In 1846, cotton pants sent from the home country as summer pants to replace surge for the British army dispatched to India.

However, the off-white color, which is not good for camouflage in India, was unpopular with local soldiers and left a large amount.

Chinese merchants took notice of it. The pants, which were purchased in large quantities at a low price, were dyed with Indian soil and passed to the US military stationed in the Philippines.

American soldiers called the pants dyed with this soil "Chino Pants", which later spread throughout the United States as general clothing.

* Earth color is "Khakii" in Hindi

It can be assumed that khaki is the standard color for chino pants because of this history.

Pants born from England, India, the Philippines, and the United States, traveling more than halfway around the world. That's what chino pants are, the roots of chino cloth.

"Khaki" in the Pantone color guide is surely the color of chino pants from long ago, more than 170 years ago, the color of the earth in India.

Thinking about such a history, I decided to send the Pantone color chip "Khaki" to the dyeing factory to dye the gray fabric.

And with respect to the historical background, I decided to call this collection of setups "The KHAKI".


What did you think.

It has been very well received even before the start of sales, and some sizes are in short supply. If you are interested, please consider this opportunity.

For size consultation, please click the ghost icon at the bottom left of the Stay or Go screen.

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"The KHAKI" Cotton Chino Cross 3 Piece


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