"West Point Blazer" アップデートされた「究極の紺ブレ」

"West Point Blazer" updated "ultimate navy blue blur"

"Ultimate Collection" is a line that DCWHITE develops with emphasis on one item each season.
The line started with the '22 Spring/Summer collection, a navy blue blur using a weapon cloth with the model name "West Point Officer Blazer."
This season, in our 2024 Spring/Summer collection, we introduced the " West Point Blazer ", which follows this trend and adds subtle updates.



Let's start with the material. As the item name suggests, we use West Point material, commonly known as weapon material.
Although the weapon material is a type of chino, it is made of fine combed yarn (thread that has a smooth texture by eliminating fine fibers from the yarn) and is finished with a high-density twill weave , making it a common material. The fabric has a higher quality luster and firmness than chinos.
In addition, there are clear standards for weapon materials: Warp #36 double thread / Weft #25 double thread / Width 40 inches / Density 108 x 60 threads.
United States Military Academy
The name comes from the United States Military Academy (USMA) , which was founded in 1802 and is located in West Point, Orange County, New York, and whose uniforms were made from weapon material.
Cadets walking through USMA
In order to train future military officers, the school lends items that are of a higher quality than regular soldiers, and for this reason, West Point material, which is considered to be of higher quality than regular chinos, is used. It is considered.
At DCWHITE, we created our original West Point material while keeping in mind the aforementioned standards and historical circumstances.
The deep navy creates a subtle sense of elegance. This is a material that allows you to enjoy a glossy texture that reflects light from deep inside, rather than just a superficial luster.
The strong material also supports tailoring techniques, emphasizing the natural lapel roll and structured jacket shape.
Originally, the brand cannot openly recommend it from a care standpoint, but in a sample worn after washing the previous "West Point Officer Blazer", there were wide wrinkles around the sleeves that resembled the hachinose of denim. It is also possible to create a unique look and feel.
Also, the deep navy is a little more dull and closer to blue. We also devised the dye so that the hem and stitch lines fade in white. This element was inspired by the aging of vintage chino pants from a famous American brand . In the case of inexpensive navy cloth, it sometimes reacts with sweat and sebum and turns red, so we have prevented this.
If you dry clean it in its rigid state, you can wear it for a long time while maintaining the luster mentioned above, and you can also wash it many times with water to create your own unique look.
The most noteworthy aspect of this jacket is the way the shoulders are sloped . The shoulder line from the neck to the hem of the sleeves is patterned to create a gentle line, avoiding the boxy silhouette that is common with blazers, resulting in a soft and structured tailoring.
This creates a dressy and neat atmosphere while still retaining the rough impression typical of cotton cloth. It is not just a navy blue blur, but has been sublimated into an item that can be used in a wide range of TPOs as a real item.
The details follow the American traditional tradition and leave a classic impression.
The three stepped buttons give the front a modern look.
Patch and flap pockets give a casual look.
The hook vent is a true American traditional detail.
The gold buttons are DCWHITE originals. It is designed to imitate the sailing ship in the logo. The material is made of a material that changes to a slightly dull amber color as it is worn.
The navy blazer, commonly known as the "navy blazer", is a classic in American traditional culture.
DCWHITE's "West Point Blazer" follows the basic components of the navy blue blur, but by mixing modern specifications that won't feel outdated even when worn today, it has been sublimated into an item that can be used for a long time. I am.
Please consider it.
West Point Blazer

West Point Blazer


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