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Vest The KHAKI

Vest The KHAKI

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SIZE - 44


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The theme of this piece is the mix of dressy and work styles, with the pursuit of an "Original Khaki Color" set as the subtitle.
The dressy elements, such as the beauty of the lapel's fold, natural shoulder lines, the way the collar stands, and modern gorge lines are guaranteed.
On the other hand, work-style specifications such as cotton cloth that packs, patch pockets, and a slightly wide silhouette are also incorporated. By mixing these contrasting styles, we have created a unique item that has never existed before.
We pursued the subtitle with care and did not compromise. We studied vintage chino pants and military materials from that time to identify the original khaki color. After numerous color tests, we were able to reproduce the khaki of that time.
This is the origin of the name "The KHAKI." Please enjoy D.C. WHITE's ultimate three-piece cotton chino cloth.


Stay or Go Staff Tahara
Height : 182cm / Weight : 78kg / Wearing Size: 48

This item has a perfect fit for size 48. It can be worn as a three-piece suit, or paired with denim, a shirt, or the Vest The KHAKI for a slightly classic look.

The casual chino cloth material makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of styling options. If you fasten the cinch back, it gives a feeling of standing up straight. The possibilities for styling are endless depending on your ideas.

Size 44 46 48 50
Length 54 55 56 57
Shoulder 35 36 37 38
Chest 49.5 50.5 51.5 53.5


【Recommended Size】

~170cm 44

170cm~175cm 46

175cm~180cm 48

180cm~ 50