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IVY BD Chambray

IVY BD Chambray

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"IVY BD" was created with the aim of creating a high-quality dress shirt item that you would find in a prestigious American clothing store.

In the area of ​​dress shirt tailoring, the side seams, which are usually around 6mm wide for casual shirts, are now 4mm wide, and the needle movement is 21/3cm instead of the usual 18/3cm. The stitch work exudes understated elegance.

Even in areas that are hard to see, the buttons are sewn using Nemaki (a method of increasing the strength by wrapping the thread that sewed the button and shirt together with additional thread).

In addition, the use of a split yoke on the back makes it difficult for the fabric to separate from the back, which is a unique aspect of dress shirt tailoring.

The detailed manufacturing method described above was completed through close communication with a Japanese dress shirt factory.

However, the silhouette is different from traditional dress shirts, with specifications that allow for a little more room in the armholes and width of the body. This allows it to be used in a wider range of situations, such as as a dress shirt underneath a jacket, or as a casual shirt that can be tucked out and worn alone.

size S M L
Length 79 80.5 82
shoulder width 44.5 46.5 48.5
bust 115 119 one two three
Sleeve Length 59.3 60.3 61.3


Material: 100% cotton

made in Japan