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This item features Real Madras cloth woven in Chennai, India (formerly known as Madras).

The material is produced in a non-automated factory, giving it a unique texture that sets it apart from mass-produced fabrics.

With each wash, the material gains more depth and character, making it a one-of-a-kind shirt that you can enjoy making your own.

The relaxed silhouette is adjustable with sleeve length and neck opening, giving it an air of sophistication and ease that is characteristic of adult style.


Madras cloth, which is named after the region of Madras (now Chennai) in southeastern India, was originally a fabric wrapped around the heads of sailors.

The history of Indian Madras dates back over 400 years. Indian textiles, which were made by hand-spinning and carefully weaving with hand-held looms, were widely spread throughout Europe.

However, with the advancement of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and the advent of mass production, the techniques of Indian cotton weaving fell behind and declined.

The traditional Indian cotton fabrics that had survived only in small numbers once again gained popularity when Brooks Brothers adopted Indian Madras in 1920. Ivy Leaguers then began to love Indian Madras, and its popularity remained steadfast.


D.C.WHITE Director Ishihara

It seems that many people are not a fan of short-sleeved shirts (I also prefer long-sleeved shirts), but as the summer heat intensifies, it becomes difficult to resist wearing them.

I only had a pullover short-sleeved shirt before, but I decided to make this one because I wanted to wear it.

The open collar and Madras check pattern are not very common, so I decided to offer a variety of eight colors like French LaCoste.

I have a personal attachment to each color, but I like the ones with a faded look as well as the ones with a bold 90s-style pattern with vibrant colors, so it's a tough choice.

Stay or Go Staff Tahara
Height : 182cm / Weight: 78kg / Wearing Size: L

I usually wear L-size one with a slightly relaxed fit. It features a cool and refreshing design typical of Madras cloth and is a very easy-to-wear item.

Personally, I would recommend wearing it with just denim and the INDIAN CLERK SHIRT to achieve a light and easy Ivy style.


Size S M L
Length 75.5 77 78.5
Shoulder 47.5 49.5 51.5
Chest 60 63 66
Sleeves 24 24.5 25


【Recommended Size】

~165cm S

165cm~175cm M

175cm~ L