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[Reserved product] FATIGUE PANT SEEP "Regular"

[Reserved product] FATIGUE PANT SEEP "Regular"

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Fatigue pants made as work pants for the US military. Fatigue means "fatigue, miscellaneous work, work clothes", and the official name is OG107 utility pants .

Looking back in history, many of them were made of cotton satin material and were of a generous size due to the need to be agile on the battlefield .

In particular, items from the late 50's to the 70's are high quality and wonderful items that get better the more you wear them, but from the latter half of the 1970's onwards, polyester blend items increased and the overall specifications became simpler, and the former will become similar but different .

Fatigue pants were not only used in the military, but also permeated American culture.

It has a wide silhouette that makes it easy to work and move around, and has only pockets on the front and back, giving it a clean look, so it has become popular as work wear in the civilian world. Because they were especially used in bakeries, they were given the other name " baker pants ."

This time, DCWHITE, as a Japanese traditional manufacturer, has created `` SEEP '', military traditional pants that go best with jackets, as a representative pants that are the basis of American culture . I chose this name because I wanted it to seep (penetrate) like fatigue pants that have blended into American culture .

This season, we are creating materials, specifications, and sizes based on the concepts of ``the more you wear them, the more you wear them,'' ``ease of movement,'' and ``fits well with jackets.' '

In particular, we want the back satin fabric to be a product that can be worn for 10 years, so we use a thicker gray fabric than the normally used back satin , and the fabric is sulfur dyed.

Furthermore, in order to create an elegant finish that matches the jacket, the final finishing step is a burning process.


Furthermore, in order to create a product that goes well with jackets and is easy to move around in , we have developed two models: Regular and Loose, so that you can enjoy styling that suits the occasion .

In terms of sewing, we have adopted thread count 20, which is less likely to break, keeping in mind that the shoes will be worn for 10 years. We perform O/W processing so that it can be resized immediately, but we dry it in the sun to maintain the firmness of a new product.

waist 77 cm 81 cm 85cm 89 cm
crossing width 33 cm 34cm 35 cm 36 cm
Total Length 100 cm 101 cm 102cm 103 cm