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SIZE - 44


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This is an unconstructed jacket made with Real Madras cloth woven in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), India.

While using the unconstructed method to minimize stress when worn, it still maintains the necessary elements of a tailored jacket, such as a standing collar and a natural shoulder line.

Designed for versatile wear, it can be worn as a top layer over a t-shirt or casual shirt, without being bound by dress rules.

The fabric has a slightly sheer feel suitable for spring and summer, and a deep depth of texture.


Madras cloth, which is named after the region of Madras (now Chennai) in southeastern India, was originally a fabric wrapped around the heads of sailors.

The history of Indian Madras dates back over 400 years. Indian textiles, which were made by hand-spinning and carefully weaving with hand-held looms, were widely spread throughout Europe.

However, with the advancement of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and the advent of mass production, the techniques of Indian cotton weaving fell behind and declined.

The traditional Indian cotton fabrics that had survived only in small numbers once again gained popularity when Brooks Brothers adopted Indian Madras in 1920.

Ivy Leaguers then began to love Indian Madras, and its popularity remained steadfast.


D.C.WHITE Director Ishihara

I personally love dark Madras check jackets and wear them often, even more than navy blazers.

I feel like wearing this type of jacket can make me look somewhat put-together even when I'm just wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which might not be appropriate for certain occasions.

Faded T-shirts, knit T-shirts, and knit polo shirts would probably all go well with this type of jacket.

Stay or Go Staff Tahara
Height : 182cm / Weight : 78kg / Wearing Size : 48

It has a just-right fit in size 48. The material is very lightweight and has a sheer feel, making it a great item to wear even in midsummer.

It's also nice to have an item like this that can be worn as a cover-up for slightly more formal occasions when you might feel uneasy wearing just a T-shirt.

Size 44 46 48 50
Length 72 73 74 75
Shoulder 44 45 46 47
Chest 53 55 57 59
Sleeves 59 60 61 62


【Recommended Size】

~170cm 44

170cm~175cm 46

175cm~180cm 48

180cm~ 50