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First Suits

First Suits

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色 - Chacoal Gray
size - 44


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A suit set-up called "First Suits" was designed to be "the first suit you should buy" and "one suit is enough for people who don't usually wear suits."

The basic detail of the jacket is that it has three buttons. Four button sleeves. The back has a center vent. The pattern has been adjusted many times to create a natural shoulder line that adds elegance to the compact shoulders of Asian people, and a collar that clings to the neck.

The lapels are slightly wider than traditional suits, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The pants are untucked and have a straight silhouette. The slightly tapered line creates a beautiful silhouette for the lower body no matter who wears it.

The material used is wool and polyester sharkskin textile from Marton Mills, a traditional family-run fabric company founded in West Yorkshire, England in 1931.

Normal serge material has a twill on the upper right side, but sharkskin has a twill on the upper left diagonally. In addition, since the raw wool is strong and thick, it is durable enough to be worn for many years, and at the same time, it has a three-dimensional feel and a unique fullness, giving it a deep expression.

Although the basic details are basic, it is a product that shows DCWHITE's unique sensibilities in the details. This suit can be used in any TPO.

This item is recommended for those who want to use the genuine product for a long time.

Jacket 44 46 48 50
Length 72 74 76 78
shoulder width 44 46 48 50
Width 106 110 114 118
Sleeve Length 59 60 61 62
pants 44 46 48 50
waist 79 82
crossing width 35.2 36.2
Inseam (plush) 90 90