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Hacking Jacket Brown Herringbone

Hacking Jacket Brown Herringbone

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色 - Brown Herringbone
size - 44


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DCWHITE's high-end line "Ultimate Collection"

We focus on one item each season and carefully consider everything from the materials to the sewing, production process and historical background.

In the 23AW Ultimate Collection, we have updated the hacking jacket, which has its roots in horseback riding clothes, with DCWHITE's signature sensibilities.

A hacking jacket is a tweed jacket with sports details that developed along with the history of British horse riding.

This item breaks away from the hard, heavy, square silhouette that is common with traditional tweed jackets, and instead has a soft, rounded silhouette that fits the body.

Darts are applied from the shoulder to the shoulder blade and on the inside of the elbow, creating a jacket that has a wider range of motion than the silhouette shows.

Slant pocket on the front, change pocket on the right side.

The lapel roll emphasizes the gentle lines, the natural shoulder line, the collar that clings to the neck to hint at high-quality tailoring, and the relaxed waist shape that is not too tight.

Because this item is based on a sports jacket as its design source, authentic specifications are sprinkled throughout to highlight its athleticism.

The center vent on the back is slightly longer than a regular jacket. It follows the sporty details of the vintage hacking jacket from Sampling Source.

This detail was useful for spreading the legs wide when riding.

The materials are also first-class.

We chose tweed cloth from the British company Abraham Moon, which has a history of over 180 years, with an emphasis on two points: ``lightness'' that does not cause fatigue even when worn for long periods of time, and ``color and pattern'' that determine the jacket's individuality.

The aforementioned pattern that follows the shoulders and the lightness of the material combine to create a light, cardigan-like feel.

For those looking for quality, we recommend the DCWHITE 23AW Ultimate Collection "Hacking Jacket".

44 46 48 50
Length 72
shoulder width 44
46 48
Width 106 110
Sleeve Length 59 60 61 62