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Olmetex Trousers

Olmetex Trousers

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SIZE - 46


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A beautiful tapered silhouette trousers made of luxurious cotton gabardine cloth from OLMETEX, a prestigious fabric maker founded in 1952 in Como, Italy.

The material is originally used for trench coats, which gives it excellent fabric stiffness to further emphasize the tapered silhouette.

The beige and brown colors are made of solaro material, which gives off a complex color tone depending on the angle of light reflection. The pattern making of the trouser takes into account a beautiful hip line, slight room around the thigh area, and a compact hemline, which gives a luxurious impression to the wearer regardless of their height. Realistic details such as side adjusters and a V-cut at the back are also incorporated.

D.C.WHITE Director Ishihara

This is a pair of high-end pants made from the so-called Burberry cloth, which is typically used for trench coats.

By using this fabric for pants, it became quite expensive. The subtle differences in color between the warp and weft threads that come out as wrinkles or areas of contact over time are a key feature.

I wanted to create a texture that reminded me of the worn feeling of a vintage coat made of olives and orange iridescent fabric that I once saw at a second-hand clothing store, so I chose this material for the pants that are most likely to show wear.

The silhouette is based on a modern interpretation of the pipe-stem style.


Size 44 46 48 50
Waist 79 82 85 88
Thigh 33 34 35 36
Hem 20 20.5 21 21.5
Inseam 90 90 90 90


 【Recommended Size】

~170cm 44

170cm~175cm 46

175cm~180cm 48

180cm~ 50